Radiator that transforms external wall into an active thermal barrier. It offers the cheapest, safest, cleanest and most efficient heating on the market today.

Exceptional & without competition

Let's heat our homes efficiently and cheaply


3Thermo is the most hygienic and cleanest heating system in the world! It does not require any cleaning, maintains optimum air moisture and prevents development of alergens, moulds and fungi on the walls.


Up to 40% lower heating costs, because it prevents heat losses at the place of their occurrence – in external walls.


The radiator’s core is filled with unexplosive and harmless gas. A radiator concealed in the plaster layer may be damaged, but it will not unseal the water system; the central heating system will continue working.


3Thermo may be powered from any type of central heating system, be it a gas-fired furnace, heat pumps, boiler, a water-jacket fireplace or a solar collector. Also, it works well in combination with floor heating.


3Thermo heats your home and not the planet. Heat is accumulated in the mass of the building and does not escape with air through the ventilation system.


3Thermo radiator exchanges the heat between hot water and gas. The hot water runs through the water collector that is located on the bottom of the radiator. When the water comes into the contact with the gas from the cores, the gas immidiately reacts and vertically transmits the heat from the water to the cores, mesh and the wall